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Opinions and facts

Opinions and facts

Political pundits with a preordained agenda have been very astute at mixing opinion and facts in such a way to advance a position that they support.

They make statements and limit full disclosure of facts if it doesn’t support their views. The ends justify any means.

Paul Krugman, in his recent column, “Debunking the Reagan myth,” published in the New York Times, is a prime example. Krugman stated that “Reaganomics” was a one-hit wonder and there was little sustained growth.

Rich Karlgard, a publisher of Forbes, refutes this premise by a very thoughtful reply in the Feb. 25 issue of Forbes Magazine.

The facts as pointed out by Karlgard but ignored by Krugman are as follows:

From 1981 to 1989 the U.S. GPD expanded in constant dollars by 33 percent.

The Asset Value of Households and business grew by $17 trillion dollars.

The Cold War was won and the Berlin Wall came down.

Krugman ignores facts that show that digital technologies and entrepreneurship flourished in the ’90s because of renewed capital investment brought on by an enlightened attitude of “Reaganomics.”

This didn’t happen overnight, but to ignore that the business booms of the ’90s are not related to policies set forth in the ’80s by Reagan is “hogwash.”

If Krugman is right? Karlgard asks, “Why is it that so many other countries around the world are moving towards Reaganomics?” Examples given, “The Irish Miracle,” Hong Kong and China.

One of my favorite Reagan sayings follows: “Government does not solve problems, it subsidizes them.” Big Government and overspending tend to support the political establishment but not the electorate. It merely spawns special interests.

John Howard

Nevada County resident

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