Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “Guess what I learned?”

Rather, I should have said, “Guess what I have confirmed?” Because, as you will see from the conclusion below, the study only validated my own experience with my body.

The study involved detailed records of daily eating and activity. Since I wore a sophisticated accelorator, my reports could be correlated with the actual physical activity recorded.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a high energy person and, except when I’m in front of a computer writing as I am right now, I don’t sit still very often. Moreover, I play a competitive game of tennis. During the study, I logged about 15 hours of tennis in the week, plus I perform an hour’s worth of stretching, weights, and aerobic exercises on the floor each morning before starting my day.

Wouldn’t you think with all that exercise I could eat what I wanted? Wrong. The study confirmed what I knew–that if I eat over 1600 calories a day, I will gain weight.

Sixteen hundred calories is not a whole lot. That means 350 for breakfast, ditto for lunch, 100 for a snack, 600 for dinner, and perhaps 200 before retiring, that is, if I’ve counted right. My extensive exercise permits me to have those 200 extra calories–but that’s it. Otherwise, I’d have to stick to 1400 or less per day.

Now that I know the truth, perhaps it will be less easy to delude myself when I’m over indulging. Information is power. I certainly have the power now to make informed decisions.

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