One hundred years ago… |

One hundred years ago…

April, 1905

Thomas Williams was buried to the neck in a North Star ore bin. He wore his fingers to the bone trying to dig out before being rescued.

Sixteen year-old Pierce Booth of Truckee claimed to have shot it out with an intruder. His home is riddled with bullets but officers have their doubts anyone else was involved.

Stormy around the 4th, then more rain mid-month. Unsettled until month’s end.

Local fruit growers plan to incorporate.

Jackson Grocery’s delivery horse took a run down Commercial City treasurer E.F. Hook jumped in front of the animal, stopping it.

Lake Vera dam broke. Bridges and flumes were swept away and the Yuba power house damaged.

The Thompson child of Blue Tent is critically ill of pneumonia and is not expected to live.

Mrs. Al Fouyer had a narrow escape. A rattler slithered up her skirt while she was out walking. The reptile was shaken from the garment and killed.

Yaqui Indians in Sonora, Mexico are again on the warpath, burning and pillaging and sending the whole country into panic.

Narrow Gauge president Mrs. Kidder announces a year’s profit of $11,000 from a gross of $128,000.

Two old gents, Adam Craig and J.W. Clemo, mixed it up near the assay office. Craig pounced upon Clemo, a cripple, who then hit him with his cane. When officers arrived, both men were bloodied.

County offices now will close at noon on Saturdays instead of

staying open all day.

Mrs. Joseph Tugun of San Bernardino claimed her husband was a cannibal and wanted to eat her. She displayed lacerations on her left arm. Officers refused to take action, considering it a domestic


Truckee sports pulled off a forbidden boxing match under the noses of the officers.

A religious revival drove a Eureka girl insane. She removed all her clothes and ran off into the woods. When found, she said the spirits told her to take off her clothing. She is now a mental wreck.

Mars and Earlston, two aeronauts, will perform a balloon race into the clouds and then parachute to the ground.

Trouble brewing between the Hat Creek Indians in Shasta County

and the Big Meadow tribe of Plumas County. A medicine man of one tribe was killed by the other. Retribution is demanded.

The narrow gauge was late because SP ‘hog’ engine went off the mainline tracks with four cars near the Bloomer cut.

Mary Hallock Foote, famous local writer, is being considered for New York University’s Hall of Fame.

Walter Everstone and Stephen Gould emptied their revolvers at each other in Fresno ” one hit in the ear, one in the arm and a bystander in the knee.

In Auburn, Adolph Weber was sentenced to die for the murder of his family.

To break their power, the Mexican government will transport all Yaqui women to the Yucatan peninsula while their children will be taken from them and adopted out in Sonora.

White and yellow men woo the fickle goddess by playing lottery tickets. While the Chinese deny ever hearing the word ‘lottely,’ the game in Chinatown is heavily patronized by Chinese and Occidental alike.

Mrs. Jonathan Pascoe passes away.

President Roosevelt, on a hunting trip, was greeted by 5,000 people in Pueblo, Colo., many waving ‘big sticks’ in response to Roosevelt’s ‘Walk softly but carry a big stick’ policy.

Little Johnnie Kinsman had a piece of copper removed from his eye by Dr. Jamieson in a delicate operation ” the result of hammering gun caps.

In New York, Mrs. N.O. Griffin, 60, a widowed millionairess, wedded her 18 year-old coachman.

Many local churches are planning special music and services for Easter.

Three fights in quick succession almost caused a riot during a balloon ascension in Grass Valley. No arrests but the city attorney ordered an investigation.

Charles Marsh of Boulder Street found an old Indian camp on Red Dog Road. Among the arrowheads were some old Spanish coins.

Three men arrested for trying to steal one of the balloons from a railroad car.

Grass Valley’s Nellie Bowman and a friend were wading in the surf in San Francisco when tramps made off with their shoes and stockings.

The Stanford baseball team beat the Japanese team 9 to 1.

If drilling is successful in Penn Valley, that area ” thought only suitable for pasture ” will be dug up by dredges.

Ed Moore, who killed Officer Kilroy some years ago, died in Folsom prison.

Teamsters Manual and King Frank plunged 30 feet into Squirrel Creek when the bridge gave way under their loaded wagons. They were lucky to live.

Laced boots have pretty much replaced the old high-top pull-on boots nowadays among miners and cowboys. Even city men have given up the short boot for laced shoes.

Note the ad for Herpicide, the miracle lotion that kills the dandruff germ ” endorsed by the famous trick-sot, Anne Oakley.


The man who tries to change a woman’s view is a fool.

How do you know?

My wife told me so.

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