One Hundred Years Ago…. |

One Hundred Years Ago….

February 1903

Fakers in town were arrested for selling bogus ‘jewelry’ made of brass and imitation opals. They were given a floater – leave town or serve time.

Sacramento swept by flames – $1,000,000 in losses.

Storms, snow until 10th then very cold ’til more storms last of month.

Sen. Wellington in Washington wants a constitutional amendment limiting a U.S. Citizen’s fortune to $10,000,000.

Grass Valley’s W.J. Mitchell and W.H. Andrews and their wives are storm-bound 10 miles from Marysville on the Filcher ranch.

In Juarez, Texas, Carrie Nation grabbed cigars from the mouths of two Catholic priests and lectured them on smoking.

The heavy snowfall did considerable damage to Nevada City buildings.

A St. Louis investment deal bilks hundreds of poor fools out of their investments as their savings go in a crash.

Freemen and Lynn will present a minstrel show in Grass Valley.

Lively times on Broad Street until after midnight. Spectators watched sledders – young and old of both sexes – come flying down the grade.

Fred Rule arrived from San Francisco with a case of smallpox. The narrow gauge car he rode from Colfax has been fumigated.

Fresno wants the state capital moved, claiming it’s a more centrally located spot than Sacramento.

A sled loaded with passengers collided with Thomas Horan’s big oil wagon smashing the sled and throwing passengers in all directions – none hurt.

Twelve big, strong horses couldn’t move a 10-ton boiler on a dray. The trolley came along, was hitched to the dray, and walked away with the burden as if it were a toy. It dragged the load to the road leading to the gas plant where the horses, finding better footing, took over.

In a fierce battle between U.S. Deputy Marshals and a band of horse thieves near Blue Jacket, I.T. (Indian Territory), two bandits were killed and the others surrendered.

Frank Kenny will be tried for the death of William Lamb in Truckee.

Mounted men held up a train in Montana eight miles east of Butte and dynamited the mail and baggage cars.

The Episcopal church will hold a handkerchief party displaying hand-made handkerchiefs as well as other entertainments.

T.S. Collins and Miss Alice Bennallack were married this morning.

The Home Mine near Nevada City registered 2 degrees above zero.

Employees of the Sierra Buttes mine near Sierra City walked out claiming at fault the terrible food prepared by a Mrs. Lewis, the mine cook.

Ah Ling was happy last night. He broke the Chinese lottery – $344 – and gave his friends a feed, all on a 35 cent chance.

The famous Idaho-Maryland mine is to be reopened. In the past over $18,000,000 in gold was taken out.

The new Naval Bill will provide for the Nation’s first submarine boats.

An arrest warrant is out for James Rodda on Samuel Mitchell’s complaint that Rodda was using profane language and disturbing the peace.

A passenger train crashes into a trolley car in Newark, N. J. killing at least nine school children.

Mrs. Benjamin Alpers died in a fall from a pine tree. She was gathering pine nuts for her children.

Deputy U.S. Marshal J.D. Keyes was killed and W.A. Hudson dangerously wounded in a shoot-out on the streets of Jasper, Mont.

The thief who was stealing chickens from Hick’s coop on Hill’s Flat is now picking bird-shot from his posterior.

The glasses I use hurt my eyes.

Oh? Well, the glasses I use make me see


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