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On the scene: An abundance of musical events in our county

An abundance of musical concerts in our county

The two NC Music Events concerts last week at Miners Foundry were quite splendid: lots of meaningful folk music on Thursday; two bands, The Humperheads and Lorraine Gervais, on Friday. I just loved the nightclub atmosphere Graham and McKenzie created; they turned the cavernous Great Hall into a more intimate setting, and the refreshments were good (and decently priced). The funky jazz fusion show that was scheduled for tonight has been postponed to another time, said Graham.

Across town on Friday, folks were dancing themselves breathless at Saul Rayo’s energetic, and loud, Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute at The Center for the Arts. Rock on, Rayo!

If you somehow missed the first-ever awarding of “The Grassies” a month or so ago, log on to http://www.grassies.com/g/Expo2007/videos.asp to view video clips of each award presentation. The band Strange Eye received the Best Modern Rock award.

Don’t know quite what to make of an e-mailed notice of a poetry contest with big bucks attached. I went online at http://www.poetry.com to check it out and still felt funny about it. But for poets who are interested in exploring, the deadline for a 20 (or less) line poem is June 30. Maybe I should run this by Bill Gainer.

A thought for the day from humor columnist Dave Berry: “Men are like fine wine … They start out as grapes; and it’s up to the women to stomp the c–p out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with (P.S. not all men).” Boy, glad he added that P.S.

And, lastly, who was supposed to have said: “Man cannot live by bread alone. Occasionally, there must be a beverage:” Thomas Jefferson, Mother Theresa or Woody Allen?

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