Obituary of William Charles “Billy” Nienaber |

Obituary of William Charles “Billy” Nienaber

William Charles “Billy” Nienaber boarded life’s great train ride on Nov. 15, 1960. Over the years Billy’s train picked up many passengers. He picked up a sister, Wendy, who hopped on his train in 1961. Later he picked up a brother, Bob, in 1964. Billy’s train also picked up a special passenger in 1995, his niece Katelyn, who Billy loved beyond compare and finally his wonderful girlfriend Kathy who hopped on the train in 2015.

Billy’s train took him from Wheaton, Illinois, to Manhattan, New York, Somerville, New Jersey, and finally out to Danville, California, where his teachers snuck on his train and forced him to learn to read and write, ultimately giving him his freedom from education in 1979 from Monte Vista High School.

Billy loved people, but hated fluff. His parents brought plenty of money and things in their well-fortified travel bags, but Billy tossed it all out of the baggage car along the way. Instead, Billy enjoyed helping others in soup kitchens and playing Santa for the less fortunate. Billy’s friends always traveled his train first class as he loved them dearly and held them in highest regard.

During Billy’s travels he loved fixing engines, playing on trains and building with plumbing designs. This made his train stops in Reno every August very exciting as he could inspect and work with everyone’s collector car engines and plumbing. Billy eventually moved his station to Reno a dozen years ago. Billy also made many friends in Reno including his girl friend Kathleen Heinz and their two bouncy cats.

On Aug. 25, Billy’s train ran out of his favorite foods, mac n’ cheese, hotdogs and cold milk so he decided he had ridden the train long enough and quietly disembarked for other adventures.

Because Billy and brother, Bob, couldn’t come to terms with propping his body up in the corner of his favorite bar while wearing his SF Giants shirt and hat while holding a cool glass of Jack after he died, there will be no viewing. Momma Bear’s bar was agreed on for a family and friends memorial, along with a toast or two of Jack, but the Giants apparel, no way!

Billy was preceded in death by all of the damn teachers that forced him to learn stuff and his tonsils and adenoids. His father, Edward hopped off the train in 2008 and his sister Wendy followed in 2011.

Finally, and most importantly if you want to honor Billy… He would want you to help the needy and the less fortunate by doing unexpected and unsolicited acts of kindness. If you believe there are angels then know Billy is watching when you help others smile or laugh and you get double points for playing Santa. Billy is survived by his mother, Lori of Grass Valley, CA., girlfriend Kathy of Sparks, NV., sister

In-law Chelsea of Nevada City, CA., niece Katelyn of Prague, Czech and will be missed most by his little brother Bobbo of Nevada City, CA.

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