Obituary of Warren Earl Scribner |

Obituary of Warren Earl Scribner

On May 26th, 2019, the world lost one of its best. Warren Earl Scribner passed peacefully that day at his home in Sacramento, California.

It is impossible to fully describe Warren’s life and all he contributed. He lived life to its fullest, and his energy was felt whenever he walked into a room. He was a simple, to the point, no frills kind of guy, a man’s man, but most importantly he was a true gentleman. He believed in old school values and chivalry; open a door for a woman, take off your hat for a kiss, and always stick up for the underdog. We knew him as a husband, a father, a brother, a family member, a friend. As Popsy. All who knew him have a personal experience, a shared story, a shared laugh and we all share in the joy of having known him.

He was born on January 14th, 1940, in Nevada City, California, to Harold and Fern Scribner. He grew up with two sisters he adored, Janet and Karen. A world class athlete, he excelled in baseball, football, basketball, bowling and fishing in high school and college and he was an avid golfer, a passion he pursued throughout his life. His love of sports and his love of family came together when he watched his children, Harold and Lisa, grandchildren Samantha, Hunter, Jordan, Milo, Madison, Emily and great granddaughter Kailee, as they participated in sports, always making sure they felt his love, respect, and adoration.

The driving force of his life was the overwhelming amount of love he had for his soulmate, Ethel. Warren and Ethel (Grossman) were married in the Methodist church in Nevada City on November 25th, 1961. Warren’s enthusiasm and joy for life was ever fostered by the never ending adventures he and Ethel experienced together. They enjoyed disco and country western dancing, camping, skiing, motorcycle riding, and traveling.

They grew a family together, and moved too many times to count, we know, we’ve tried. Warren and Ethel’s love and strong belief in family spilled over and extended to everyone around them. The love and support so many people received from them would often lead them to think “Gosh, I wish I could be like them”. They raised not only their two children, but helped raise many others that loved and respected them as family.

They had an open door to anyone that needed. It was a full and truly wonderful life. An example in many ways for all of us. We will carry with us the memory of his smile, his laugh, how his presence alone could feel protective, and what an incredible tease he could be. And we’ll remember a wink that could feel more supportive than any words. We will carry on with the blessing of having had Warren in our lives, and through his memory we will continue to feel his loving support.

There is tradition in our family, started by Warren’s mother, Fern Scribner, of not saying goodbye. To her it was too final. We say “see ya” as an assurance to each other that we will be together again. So Warren, “See Ya”, we love you.

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