Obituary of Syd Malan Hall |

Obituary of Syd Malan Hall

Syd Malan Hall died October 25, 2017 at home in Nevada City. He was 101.

Syd was born on May 25, 1916. He graduated with a degree in Forestry from UC Berkeley where he was on the rowing team. While in Marin County he became passionate about boat building and leftist politics.

Syd was a man of strong physical stature and carefully worded opinions. He was a builder of boats, a builder of houses, and an avid outdoorsman. His love of skiing and mountaineering led him to be on the ski patrol as well as an outings leader for the local Sierra Club.

In 1965 he married Eve Hall and moved to Nevada County. Syd tackled every building problem with determination and ingenuity, coming up with unique and often innovative solutions. He was admired for his creativity, dedication, and intellect.

Syd is survived by his daughter Malan Hall, and his beloved granddaughter Felicia Hall. He is preceded in death by his brother Robert, and wife Eve.

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