Obituary of Susan Smith |

Obituary of Susan Smith

Susan Smith, a master of the hula hoop and many other things, left us like she lived; in a lively manner! Known for her integrity and

high standards, it is likely that she has been assigned for a very exciting and important job in the afterlife. Currently, after hitting the gym, she’s planting purple irises while listening to the Beatles’ Rubber Soul album and waiting for her New York chocolate cheese cake to come out of the oven. It will be perfect! She will be attending her new duties soon which include being a dance instructor and a back up singer for Aretha Franklin and probably many other greats as well.

After a six year struggle with breast cancer, at the age of 53, Susan passed away peacefully surrounded by her family and close friends on the morning of August 14 2018. Her transition was an inspiration to those who cared for her; an example of courage, presence and grace.

Still today, Susan continues to be a guiding light to her friends, family and community at large and especially to her husband, who has a hard time balancing the check book. She was famous for her contagious smile and a spark for life.

From here on out, Susan will be frequently checking in on her daughter, two brothers, her mother and father, and her husband who is now free to play the blues. Reportedly, she has been visiting her loved ones in the form of a dragonfly, sometimes a goose!

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