Obituary of Miss Darleen Lee Crowley |

Obituary of Miss Darleen Lee Crowley

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Long time Nevada City resident Miss Darleen Lee Crowley passed away November 19, 2017 after a brief illness. She was born June 1, 1934, in Hollywood, California, the only child of Robert Earl Crowley, a studio photographer for Paramount, and Elva Lee Crowley, a dancer and actress. When Darleen was five, her parents divorced, and she and her mother moved to Nevada City, where her grandmother Evelyn Walsh owned a home on Broad Street. Evelyn was a member of the Larson family that at one time owned the Relief Hill Mine, located between North Bloomfield and the little town of Washington. Darleen’s mother remarried Ted Sigourney, the Nevada City fire chief. Both Darleen and her mother became very active in the fire department’s ladies auxiliary. Darleen also worked as a telephone operator for Bell Telephone at the exchange on Broad Street.

Darleen was a student at Nevada City Elementary and graduated from Nevada City High School. She lived in her grandmother’s Broad Street house for 77 years. She devoted herself to both her mother and grandmother, caring for both as they aged and passed. Darlene never married and kept her mother’s history alive in both her heart and artifacts. She was a great story teller and was especially fond of old time Nevada city gossip, the more lurid the better. She was a “character” and those who knew her will miss her.

Darleen leaves no family. She was buried at the Hooper and Weaver Cemetery next to her mother and grandmother with a small circle of friends looking on. She’s where she wants to be.

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