Obituary of Karen A. Sharp |

Obituary of Karen A. Sharp

Karen A. Sharp passed away peacefully on October 25, 2017, after a long and brave battle with cancer. She was 73.

She was born in Milwaukee, WI. on October 31, 1943 to Henry Sharp and Marjorie Yule.

She had an exciting life full of adventure, friendship and love. She worked extremely hard her whole life, sometimes working three jobs at once to support her two youngest children as a single mom. Her occupational adventures included managing her own floral shop in New York City, custom boat building, sales rep and book selling businesses, real estate assistant at Network Real Estate, Nevada County Board of Realtors, and finally Association Executive at Plumas County Board of Realtors.

Her favorite part of working so hard was by far the people she worked with and for every day.

Her passions included writing, reading, crosswords, live music — specifically the blues, dancing, her beloved pets and her family.

She was a kind, gentle and caring person and mother, who was relentlessly compassionate and selfless. She was loved by many and will be deeply missed.

Karen is survived by her four children, Lynn, Jill, Abby and Adam; 10 grandchildren; one great-granddaughter; and many dear cousins.

She was preceded in death by her grandmother Marguerite; mother Marjorie; her aunts Glen and Carol; and cousin Alan.

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