Obituary of Jeannette Gagnon Goodrum |

Obituary of Jeannette Gagnon Goodrum

Jeannette Gagnon Goodrum died on February 24, 2017 in Grass Valley, California. She was 97 years old.

A memorial service will be held for her on April 20, 2017 at 1 p.m. at the Trinity Church in Nevada City, California. Jeannette was born on December 27, 1919 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. She completed her primary and secondary education in North Attleboro and then was accepted at the University of New Hampshire. It was there during her senior year that a course in flying airplanes was offered and she applied and was accepted. The only woman in the program, she learned to fly on skiis and was the first student to solo. Following graduation from UNH she taught classes and was the Assistant Dean at St. Johnsbury Vermont where she was appointed the fifth woman on the Nation Ski Patrol. The following year she was Assistant Dean at American University. There she applied and was accepted to the newly formed Women's Airforce Service Pilots, the WASP. She went to Sweetwater, Texas for training and after graduation was assigned to Douglas Air Force Base in Douglas, Arizona. Her duties there included testing aircraft, slow timing engines, ferrying mechanics to auxiliary fields, taking ground personnel to other bases. She flew the AT6, AT9, A11, AT13 and UC78. She married an instructor of the cadet air force, Harry R. Doon and had two children Sherry Katherine Dunn and Gary Spencer Doon. In 1965 she married William Goodrum and he had two children, Mary Candace Ewalt and Christopher Marr Goodrum. Jeanette earned a BA from the University of New Hampshire and a MA at San Francisco State University. In 2009 Jeannette and other WASPs attended a ceremony in Washington DC and were presented with the Congressional Gold Medal in honor of their military service. Jeannette's life included twenty four years of teaching at the junior high, high school and junior college level. A lifelong member of the Episcopal Church, she served on the Altar Guild at Christ Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon and completed a course in Stephan's Ministries. Jeannette loved to travel and never lost her love of flying. Her enthusiasm and zest for life inspired many and her presence will be


Jeannette is survived by her daughters, Sherry Katherine Dunn of Penn Valley, California and Mary Candace Ewalt of Redmond, Oregon and Joan Goodrum of Panama City, Panama, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Donations may be made to the WASP Archives Texas Women's University.

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