Obituary of Jean Royda Moore |

Obituary of Jean Royda Moore

In Grass Valley California, Jean Royda Moore’s farmhouse table sits clear, clean, and completely empty for the first time in years. Jean will not be hosting meals for family and friends again; she passed away July 15, 2017. She was 76. Jean was born to Almerico and Royda Parente and raised with her older brother, Robert, in New York City. Life revolved around their kitchen table. Between meals, homework, and games, Jean grew to value time with family and appreciate academic achievement. At 22, she graduated from Hunter College and took a road trip with some girlfriends to go to Hawaii. They stopped in San Francisco, rented a home in the Marina district, and never did make it to Hawaii. Jean met and married Bill Benson; they had three children. Adam, Colin, and Victoria. The marriage failed and at 31, she was left to raise the three children on her own. For the next 14 years she raised her children much as she was raised; the family spent a considerable amount of the time at the kitchen table, eating, doing homework, and playing games. She supported her family by working at Stanford University, finishing as the Director of Planned Giving. It was at Stanford where Jean met the love of her life, Clark Moore, at a retirement party for a mutual colleague. Family and friends say with confidence that Jean and Clark complemented each other, making the other’s life richer, filled with love for each other and their blended family. Jean and Clark left the Bay Area making Grass Valley/Nevada City their home. They enjoyed traveling, going to national parks, Europe, and even Antarctica together. Hosting dinner parties was their true joy, however. Their table was large and offered love, respect, and wonderful food to

all people.

As the years passed, their family came to include six shared children, 12 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Their friends initially came from church and those associated with Stanford, but grew as more were invited to their table. In retirement at their home in the Nevada County woods, Clark and Jean realized the beautiful dream that they shared. Clark, with his background in theatre and Jean, with her love of family, food and entertainment, rebuilt a simple country house into a grand venue to celebrate all events from births, birthdays, and anniversaries to family visits, shared trip memories and almost any excuse to gather with people dear to them. Their generosity with their time and their genuine love of friends and family left all who knew them with a warm sparkle of the joy of their shared life and love. Through many joyful gatherings as well as difficult life events everyone knew that Clark and Jean would be there to share the warmth of their home and kitchen with those who had the privilege of knowing them. When their large home became too much to manage they moved into a smaller house in town, but expanded the dining area in the new home to keep the table and chairs filled with the family and friends they had always loved. Jean lost Clark in March of 2016 but continued to keep the same people in her home and at her table. She has passed away, but the love, respect, and generosity she shared with so many people is now found at the tables of everyone else’s home. She would be happy knowing that.

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