Obituary of Ineke Harke Dorland |

Obituary of Ineke Harke Dorland

Ineke Harke Dorland passed away peacefully, and on her own terms, November 25th at the age of 89. She chose to be remembered by her family and friends without ceremony. She asked, rather than flowers, that a donation in her name be made to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Born on January 4th, 1930, in the town of Hilversum, Holland, she married Gerrit Dorland. Despite the devastation of World War II, and starting with nothing, she and Dad managed to live, love, and laugh over much of the planet, raise two children, and be loving grandparents to four grandchildren. She loved her family and many friends, and was generous and kind to all. She will be greatly missed, and we will think of her often.

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