Obituary of Henry J. Howes |

Obituary of Henry J. Howes

In loving memory of our father, Henry J. Howes passed away on March 1, 2018 at his home in Lincoln, CA with his wife by his side. He was 88.

He was born June 11, 1929 in London England. After serving in the Royal Air Force he moved to the United States and became a carpenter. He worked at the Studios in Burbank Ca. as a Key Grip in charge of many projects on the stage and the film industry. His knowledge and passion of his work allowed him to give of his time to the Lake Wildwood Little Theatre as he helped build the many early stages of the theatre.

He is survived by his wife Elisa Howes; three daughters Susana Knox, Ana Howes and Malena Kosher; eight grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; his sisters Barbara, Pat, Joan, and Joan’s daughter Sue.

Services will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday March 17, at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church at 280 Oak Tree Lane, Lincoln CA.

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