Obituary of Elinor R. Dixon |

Obituary of Elinor R. Dixon

Elinor R. Dixon passed away on June 24, 2018.

Ella was the last living member of her family — parents Joseph and Maybell and brothers Joe, Richard, Louie, Jesse, BJ, and John.

Ella was born on August 17, 1934. During the Dust Bowl her family moved from Texas to Grass Valley, and from there she moved to San Francisco, where she grew up and spent the rest of her life. She worked for years at the Empire Theater in West Portal, at St. Vincent De Paul, at Purple Heart, and lastly with her beloved orchids at McLellan’s renowned orchid greenhouses. But what Ella did for work is not what defined her in any way.

Ella could develop an interest in anything but particularly enjoyed reading, ancient history, photography, antiques, and minerals. She loved critters of any kind, adopting injured birds including one particularly quirky pigeon, but most especially the many cats she had over the years including her dearly loved Oz. She camped, collected rocks and minerals, sewed, quilted, did macramé, stained glass, put together photo albums, built a photo lab in her basement, and maintained and repaired her house largely by herself. Ella was a very private person but had a circle of close, devoted friends. She possessed a quiet dignity, had a terrific sense of humor, held strong opinions but at the same time was open-minded and generally liberal. She was generous and would go to any length to help a friend. Ella was not prone to depression and never seemed to be remote or distant even in illness but was interested and engaged with her friends. For her entire life conversations with Ella were lively, varied, and always laced with laughter.

Ella may have been physically petite, but her spirit was enormous and her joy for life unbounded. Ella’s friends have been deeply influenced by her friendship and presence. We will greatly miss her.

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