Obituary of Carl Robert Weisberg |

Obituary of Carl Robert Weisberg

Carl Robert Weisberg, of Grass Valley, CA died suddenly of a heart attack in his home on December 21, 2017. He was 69.

He was a true entrepreneur and along with his wife, was cofounder of their business Buzz Strong’s. Carl enjoyed landscaping and gardening, walking his dogs, dining out with friends, listening to music, eating sweets, making jokes, running, singing, reading and learning new things. He was continually on a quest to better himself and the world around him.

He is survived by his loving wife Carolee Weisberg; sons, Gregory, Eben, Terry and Jacob; daughters, Emily and Sasha; grandsons, Cory and Kyle; and his sister Janice.

Arrangements are under the care of Chapel of the Angels Mortuary.

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