Obituary for Candace Reid |

Obituary for Candace Reid

Candace Reid

June 16, 1988 – December 9, 2020

In Memory of our daughter Candace who we affectionately called Candacei…

Candace was born in Grass Valley to Art and Lana Reid. She died December 9, 2020, at a medical facility in Modesto, Ca. The official cause of death is still under investigation. Candace was such a sweet girl as a child and as she grew up. She was very ambitious and started working very young, besides school and other interests. She did home studies and did 2 years in one, so anxious to grow up and move on. She graduated from Nevada Union High School in 2005. She loved waitressing and that seemed to be her niche. She was very good at it. She was on the road to a very successful life, until she was introduced to drugs. These took our sweet girl away from us and many others that truly loved her. They took her down an ugly path for the rest of her life. She struggled at different times, in different ways to get off of them with limited success, but unfortunately they had a strangle hold on her. She ended up getting in a very serious car wreck last August and sustained multiple injuries and barely survived. She fought well and was making more progress than any of the doctors imagined she would, but unexpectedly, she died the night of December 9th while at the last stage of her recovery before being able to come home. We are very grateful that she didn’t die instantly in the wreck, but survived long enough to become completely clean from drugs and at least we could have a little time together over the phone repairing our relationship and even more importantly, she seemed to be making an attempt to restore her relationship with her Creator before she breathed her last. We look forward to seeing her in the resurrection, as Jesus said at John 5:28, 29 “…the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out…” and just as Jesus showed his power to heal when he walked the earth; when Candace is resurrected, we believe she will no longer have a drug addiction or any of the health problems as a result of them or the car wreck. She will be completely sound and have a new beginning. Jesus told the man hanging next to him on the stake that he would be in Paradise. That was the purpose for all of us. When Adam and Eve were created and placed in that beautiful Garden of Eden – truly a Paradise, they were never supposed to die. Had they been obedient to their Creator they would have been able to eat from the other tree in the Garden specifically mentioned, the “Tree of Life” and as Gen. 3:21 says, “and eat and live forever”.

Candace is survived by her daughter Brooklyn Gates, her son Jaxson Kirby, her brother Jacob Hill, her parents Art and Lana Reid, her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews. Also, during this long hospital siege since August, I have come to know a couple of her close friends and out of this whole tragedy, I am very glad to have had this opportunity. They truly loved Candace and have been a huge support to her and to us and I’m so glad that they are now a part of our life. We also have had an AVALANCHE of support from our dear friends and family and we want to take this opportunity to thank them as well.

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