Nugget Fringe “Best of Fringe” winners announced |

Nugget Fringe “Best of Fringe” winners announced

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“Figmentally” is comprised of an award winning theatrical circus comedy duo, ​Figment​, from Oakland, that brings a mind-genre-defying show to audiences.
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The 4th annual Nugget Fringe Theater Festival in Grass Valley is off to a great start, with 60 performances down and 60 to go.

The Nugget Fringe brings live, cutting edge, original works to Grass Valley from around here and around the globe. This year’s festival features live acts on six stages, two at The Holbrooke Hotel, two at the Unitarian church, one at 151 Union Square and one a the Off Center Stage at the Center for the Arts.

Main Stage — Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains

From the Off Center Stage, the 2018 Best of Fringe winner is “Figmentally.”

Reviewer Paul Micsan raves, “Run, swim, fly, beam, catapult yourself … Do whatever it takes to get to “Figmentally.” This is it, folks. This is what Fringe is all about. It’s dance. It’s comedy. It’s theatre. It’s mime. It’s love. It’s pure joy. It’s triumphant. It’s “Figmentally!” Don’t even think about missing this one!”

“Figmentally” tickets are on sale now. There will be a special Best of Fringe performance at 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

The Iron Door — The Holbrooke Hotel

At The Iron Door in The Holbrooke Hotel, it’s “Lindsay Dunckel – The Dr. Is In.”

Local actor and reviewer Tom Wolfe said, “It’s gotta be difficult to pull off the whole “clean comic” thing and still be funny and insightful and even occasionally scathing, when necessary. Then again, Dunckel knows how to set the audience up to fill in whatever unpleasant imagery is required without getting her own comedic hands dirty. This is a journey thru childhood and teen years, college and motherhood, effortlessly packing a midlifetime of experience, wisdom, and oh-no-you-didn’t embarrassments into a fleeting fifty-something-minutes of pure enjoyment. Go see her show before it’s gone.”

Another review from Shawnna Frazer said, “If laughter is in fact the best medicine, this woman is your Apple a day! Witty and wonderful, this one woman stand up comedy show is laugh till your face hurts hilarious!”

“Lindsay Dunckel – The Dr. Is In” occurs at 3:30 Sunday at The Iron Door.

Arletta Room — The Holbrooke Hotel

In the Arletta room at The Holbrooke, it’s “The Meno-Posse” coming out on top.

“Buy tickets for this show soon!” said local playwright Alicia Frost. “This fast-paced, improv event is no-holds-barred. Awkward, blunt, or wry but always inspired, the scenes these women conjure fill out swiftly with well-chosen details and gestures. These consummate actors bring finesse and rich lives to the stage. Be prepared for sustained, side-stitching laughter.”

See it for the last time at 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

Up stairs — Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains

At the Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains is “Sex, Math, and Seizures.”

Local director Dinah Smith wrote, “Barbara is a wizard with words, action, and clarity, She executes the action and portrays the characters of her story with an open heart baring her emotions on her sleeves. She captures you with her first words, then almost dances her way thru the hilarity, absurdity, tragedy and joy of her family life. Inspiring.”

See it at 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

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