NU grads’ Web site helps students find future in medicine |

NU grads’ Web site helps students find future in medicine

When Graham McPartland realized he wanted to be a doctor, he could find no clearinghouse of information for his dream. So he started one.

Three years later the 2000 Nevada Union High School graduate is the proud founder of Medically Inspired, a Web site for pre-med students to find all kinds of information for their future. Last year, McPartland named best friend, roommate, former Cedar Ridge next-door neighbor and fellow NU grad Nathan Claydon the president of the Web site organization.

McPartland and Claydon, both 23, are now at California State University at Long Beach, where they are completing their degrees when not working the Web site.

McPartland is in chemistry and economics and eying optometry schools. Claydon is also in economics and wants to become a cardiologist.

When those career plans were fostered, they found themselves wasting a lot of time going through various channels for medical school information.

“Pre-med students are caught up in their schoolwork and they need access to quick information,” McPartland said. “My idea was to pool all that information together.”

Listing a medical school’s orientation was an initial step for McPartland. Why bother applying to a school that emphasizes research when you want to be a hands-on, family physician?

The Web site also fills prospective students in on a school’s admission policies, practices and requirements. Another feature is an admissions calculator where students plug in test scores and grades to find out how likely it would be for a medical school to accept them.

There is also a newsletter with tips on how to take the national Medical College Admissions Test and what to study for. You can even buy a Medically Inspired T-shirt to help fund the effort.

“A lot of kids don’t know where to start,” Claydon said. “I think Graham and I are in a privileged position because we come from parents with a medical background.”

McPartland’s father, Brian McPartland, is an optometrist who retired from his Grass Valley practice and moved to Southern California. Claydon’s dad, Chris Claydon, is a family doctor in Grass Valley.

McPartland is also trying to expand the concept by forming Medically Inspired chapters at various U.S. colleges and universities.

The idea is to let chapters set up dialogues with doctors, let students see surgeries, tour hospitals and private medical practices and attend admission test workshops.

Claydon is working on a student-to-doctor dialogue to let prospective physicians know what medical school is like. Students want to know how a marriage impacts the medical school experience, what it’s like for women, and what the demands are, he said.

McPartland and Claydon plan to continue running the Web site once they get into medical schools, but they admit they are looking for a little help as well.

Students can join the Web site for free and there are about 5,000 members so far from across the world.

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