NOT SMART ENOUGH–Worst New Food Products |

NOT SMART ENOUGH–Worst New Food Products

Every year, we face an array of new food innovations and products–some good and some downright awful. What follows are some ones to cross off your grocery list.

1. CEREAL: Kellogg’s newly formulated, Smart Start Soy Protein and Smart Start Antioxidants are, it is true, heavily fortified with 100% of your daily vitamins. But they are also loaded with SUGAR.

2. ENERGY BOOSTERS: Ensure, Sustacal, Boost and ReSource encourage people to pass over natural fruits, vegetables and grains in favor of a mix of water, sugar, corn syrup and casein (milk protein). A multivitamin with a milkshake would accomplish the same thing, cost less and taste a whole lot better.

3. SNACK FOOD: The Stuffed Crust pizza from Pizza Hurt is a lesson in overindulgence. One measly slice is about 350-450 calories and has 11-21 grams of fat. Maybe you could enjoy an unstuffed pizza instead.

4. COFFEE BAR: One tall Starbucks caffe latte made with whole milk packs 200 calories and 11 grams o fat. A “grande” moche weighs in at 400 calories and 22 grams of fat. Try a skinny latte made with skim milk for a healthier half gram of fat and 120 calories.

5. LUNCHABLES: Is making a sandwich so time-consuming that we need “lunchables?” These overpackaged, fat-filled lunches with meat, cheese and crackers are high in calories and low in nutrition. Fun Snacks also miss the mark–cookies or brownies with spread-your-own frosting, sprinkles and chocolate chips. These are fat-laden empty calories.

6. MEAL ON THE GO BARS: Typically high in calories (200-300 per bar) and low in taste can also contain high amounts of fat and sugar. Try instead a multivitamin and water.

7. FAST FOOD: McDonald’s new Big N’Tasty has 540 calories, 32 grams of fat and 780 milligrams of sodium. That’s 1/3 most people’s daily calories, one third the sodium and half the suggested daily fat. Add small fries, a regular soda and you’ve invested over 900 calories, over 40% of them in fat with sugar making up a significant portion as well.

8. DRINK TO YOUR JOINTS: The new product from Knox, Nutrajoint Plus Glucosomine, is a powered drink without proof that the gelatin promotes joint healthy any more than any other protein source would. Instead, take a multi-vitamin, a bone supplement, and a simple glucosamine supplement.

9. CAN’T FOOL MOTHER NATURE: Water works just fine but Gatorade’s version, Propel Water Fitness, adds some vitamins and 10 calories. The amounts of vitamins in the drink are easily available in anyone’s diet, and who needs the extra calories?

10. ATKINS DIET MADNESS: The Super Premium Bar, Atkins Endulge, is an example of a product designed for the low-carb dieting craze. One bar contains 16 grams of fat, 12 of which are saturated. That’s 1/3 more fat and saturated fat than the regular store brand. Pay and premium and get an unhealthier product. Go figure.

These products were evaluated and reported on by Environmental Nutrition. No doubt you can add your own to the list.

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