Not just an ordinary facial |

Not just an ordinary facial

Have you ever had the pleasure of a facial? Especially one that uses natural clay? Do you know the benefits of a treatment for your physical and mental health? A skilled technician can take your tired skin (and, this is for you men, also!) and turn it into rejuvenated lively cells. The result? Your skin really feels refreshed, clean and well, happy. Victoria Cook has long had a passion for assisting men and women to feel and look better. Her practice focuses on Natural Clay Facials and professional makeup.

It sounds like you have always had a deep interest in natural healing. When did it start and was anyone your mentor?

My introduction to natural healing was the gift of time spent with my dear grandmother. She was a self-taught naturalist with a library on every subject of healing. A day spent with her was an adventure of healing, whether it be in her garden collecting flowers, picking berries, or enjoying the aromas and tastes from a lesson in nutritious meal preparation. She was my inspiration to natural healing. She taught me that your health is your wealth! She insisted on eating fresh foods with lots of water. Each meal was a palate of color.

How did your career as a make-up artist lead you to the work you are now doing?

My artistry is to work with a canvas of good quality or, in my case, a face with good tone. I learned early in my career that skin that is not cared for will lack tone and appears flat or dull. Healthy skin requires less makeup. The art of natural makeup should enhance one’s natural features without looking made up. It is like frosting on a cake. If the cake is not moist, it is dry and flavorless, you will need more frosting. The most beneficial beauty product is healthy skin.

Explain the nature and nurture of a clay facial and the benefits for your clients.

I create the finest natural clay facial treatment for my clients, one that is personal and natural. The medicinal benefit of clay was used by ancient Egyptians and Romans as early as 120 BC in rituals of purifying and beautifying the skin.

The specialized organic material incorporated into the clay contains minute particles with active surfaces that literally bind to toxins as they are pulled from the tissues. Known as a powerful agent of stimulation, transformation and transmission, the activity induces cellular rebuilding.

“Healing clay” is a specialized form of crystal and thus has the capability to act as a transducer of energy. It is highly prized for its purity, and renowned for its ability to promote rejuvenation. This treatment is gentle in its healing as the interaction of human hands with the energy of the crystals performs to the individuals need at hand.

On a cellular level through pressure point touch and rhythmical movement bring a positive endorphin release not only for my client but for myself as I see the transformation take place under my hands. In a single treatment one will recognize a glowing radiant appearance.

A regularly scheduled treatment, along with individualized home care routine maintains the complexion to reflect these results: A healthier glowing soft complexion, increased cellular adsorption, unclog facial pores, balance irregular skin tones, blemishes, sun damage, toned facial muscles, and improved elasticity. It also minimizing the signs of aging by promoting healthy skin.

What are some of the most important factors people can do for their skin?

Since our skin is the largest organ of the body, it reflects our inner health. Your face is your most visible asset as it is the organ of communication. You are remembered by your face! The first and most important factor: protect your skin from the sun. Sun damage is the No. 1 cause of aging.

Most adult skin problems are caused from over exposure to the sun or tanning beds. Second, create a skincare routine before bed including proper cleansing and protection along with a weekly exfoliation (for each night we are too tired or busy to care for our face, we age our skin cells one week!). Three, eat a healthy diet of quality organic (if possible) fresh foods and drink eight glasses of water per day. Four, find an enjoyable way to exercise – it is a must.

In my practice I find those that dance have the best facial muscle tone. Three of my 80+ year-old clients are testimonies to this – they practice yoga and senior aerobics and they look and feel healthy. Five, if possible, have a professional skincare treatment on a regular basis. It will not only educate you in the above suggestions, but it aids as a cancer preventative and an investment in the future of your face.

What do you get out of the work you do?

There is a spiritual fulfillment when I can share my passion for natural skincare and the art of natural makeup as seen on faces about town. I feel a constant flow of inspiration from my clients. That moves me to provide them with the finest treatment available. This is a gift.

Victoria Cook can be reached at her office in Nevada City, Aesthetics by Victoria Cook, 530-470-8450.


Suzie Daggett is the publisher of the INSIGHT Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; 530-265-9255, Look for the Seventh Edition of INSIGHT, now available at many local outlets.

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