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Noble thoughts: Hot enough to muu-muus

I am probably one of few people who absolutely loves the heat we have been experiencing lately. Of course, the fear of wildfire that comes along with it sets me on edge, but I seriously love that feeling of climbing into a car that has been sitting in the sun and thawing myself out.

One of many who disagree is my best friend, Amy Pendola. A native of Nevada City, Amy now lives in Roseville, where temperatures can be significantly higher. She recently texted me, “It’s so hot I think I need a muu-muu.”

Amy Pendola and I on one of our many trips to Hawaii — pre muu-muus, circa 2002.
Submitted to The Union

We now have matching muu-muus (though haven’t had a chance for a photo together). Here’s your Hawaiian lesson for the day: muu-muu is pronounced “moo-oo moo-oo.” My grandmother, Ruby Nobles — who you may remember from my last column — lived in Hawaii for a number of years and learned the language, eager to not just be another haole.

More locally, lake and river season is officially here. While visiting recently, my sister-in-law Lucy took my niece — also named Ruby Nobles — to Oregon Creek and had a wonderful time.

Ruby Nobles meets Ruby Nobles for the first time.
Submitted to The Union

This provides me the opportunity to remind you to be safe, and pack out what you pack in. Avoid taking glass bottles and whatever you do make sure you aren’t blocking any roadways when you park. This is imperative for the safety of the community during the aforementioned fire season.

In other news, on June 21 Goodtimes Board Store celebrated Go Skate Day with a kid-friendly party at Condon Park’s skate park. Go Skate Day was launched by the International Association of Skateboard Companies in 2004 in an effort to make skateboarding more accessible to all. It is observed worldwide.

Goodtimes Board Store hosted national Go Skate Day June 21 in Condon Park.
Submitted to The Union

Goodtimes manager Andy Jarrette said they provided kids with free hot dogs and ensured a safe environment where skaters could ride and be in a positive, supportive place.

I personally love this concept, and I think we should always be grateful for any entity that seeks to better the youth of the community. Good times, indeed.

Cindi Anderson wrote the book “From The Woods” a few years ago and is getting ready to launch a couple more books to continue the series.

Cindi Anderson wrote the book “From The Woods” a few years ago and is getting ready to launch a couple more books to continue the series.
Submitted to The Union

The book detailed the many stories of local timber workers, including those who drove log trucks to those who fell trees. She is no novice, either. Anderson worked in the woods for years as a log scaler, which means her measurements of each log would determine the scale and quality of the wood to be used for manufacturing.

“I am almost done with the second book,” Anderson said. She is also working on a number of volumes that will showcase the photos sent to her by many of the timber men and women.

Be safe this Fourth of July weekend. As always feel free to let me know of any good news or happenings around town. For now I will sign off with my signature “aloha.”

Jennifer Nobles is a staff writer with The Union. She can be reached at jnobles@theunion.com

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