Niel Locke announces run for Nevada City treasurer |

Niel Locke announces run for Nevada City treasurer

Niel Locke

Niel Locke, former owner of the Posh Nosh restaurant on Broad Street and current Nevada City clerk, announced this week he plans to run for the city treasurer position in June.

Locke’s second term as city clerk is set to expire in 2020. If elected treasurer, he would serve both roles, he said.

Having sought legal counsel from Nevada City’s attorney, Hal Degraw, and other law professionals, Locke said he’s been advised he can legally juggle both positions.

Both are elected, paid positions with a salary of $1,200 per year, according to Locke.

But neither require much work, he said.

“Clerk takes about four to six hours of work per week,” he said. “Treasurer takes about no time per week. … There is nothing to do. The city has a very strange and unusual system. It always has.”

According to Nevada City’s website, the treasurer is responsible for “operations pertaining to the city’s finances, revenues and investments.”

“The treasurer monitors public funds in a dependable, scrupulous and accurate manner,” the website states.

Born in Ohio and raised in Michigan, Locke moved to Nevada City in the 1980’s after a spending some time in Southern California.

His first job in town was at Selaya’s restaurant, which was owned by a friend.

Shortly after moving to Nevada City, Locke became involved in local politics, he said.

He served two terms as a planning commissioner and one as treasurer before he was elected to his current role as city clerk for two terms.

He said the combination of two elected roles would be an exciting job.

“It’s fun,” he said.

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UPDATE: This story has been updated to correct the name of a restaurant, where Niel Locke first worked in the area, to Selaya’s. The Union regrets the error.

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