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Volunteer to be a Sierra Harvest ‘Tasting Week’ chef with Nevada County kids

Submitted by Miriam Limov
Matthew Willoughby cooks with a Grass Valley Charter School class through Sierra Harvest's Farm to School Program. Chefs are wanted for "Tasting Week" in schools in October.
Submitted by Miriam Limov |

Sierra Harvest is seeking local chefs to volunteer to cook with students and provide tastings in local schools during the week of October 9 through 13. “Tasting Week” is part of Sierra Harvest’s Farm to School Program and will be offered to more than 3,000 students at 21 western Nevada County elementary schools. Chefs will demonstrate cooking techniques and involve students in preparation of a dish using seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farms containing at least 50 percent seasonal specialty crops by weight at schools throughout Nevada County. The tasting is focused on ways to prepare that crop. Each chef will deliver just four half-hour presentations at each school, serving at least 120 students. Chefs will be compensated $200 per school to purchase ingredients for their tasting and demonstration. For more information, email Miriam Limov at miriam@sierraharvest.org and visit Sierra Harvest at http://www.SierraHarvest.org

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