Travel Talk at Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City |

Travel Talk at Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City

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As part of the monthly “Travel Adventure Slideshow” held in Madeline Helling Library’s Community Room, Rodney Raub’s talk will be “How to travel safely in Baja Mexico,” scheduled from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on October 30. His presentation will include scenic highlights of the road from border to Loreto, Baja Sur, as well as important tips for a successful trip.

Anyone who has ever wanted to do a trip to Baja, Mexico but stayed home because they were just too concerned about the safety of travel below the border will want to attend, says Raub, who stresses that it is perfectly safe and offers some of the most beautiful beaches and scenic wilderness within driving distance of home. He will address common concerns, such as fears about “narco” gangs, visa requirements, RV insurance, vehicle recommendations, military checkpoints, fueling at PEMEX stations and campground information. He will talk about what to expect at border crossings and offer tips on navigating the narrow roads, including sources for road conditions. Raub insists the journey is not as daunting as it sounds, and offers highlights, such as the Mexican wine country — “La Ruta del Vino” — and uncrowded beaches.

“I also want to share how to relax and enjoy some of the warmest, friendliest people you will ever meet,” said Raub.

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