Tips to teach kids love — the power of positive parenting |

Tips to teach kids love — the power of positive parenting

Tips to teach kids love — the power of positive parenting

Valentine’s Day is near and we are reminded of one of the greatest things in live: LOVE.

Kids have so much to teach us, so much we forget as reality takes over. We need to learn how to love everything around us: life, earth, others, etc. Kids know how to forgive, release and let go. So positive parenting isn’t about teaching how to love, it’s teaching kids to hold onto their love and reminding them how great life is. Kids are born with the knowledge of love not fear. As parents we need to remind them of this. Here are tips to teach kids love through positive parenting:

Teach kids through example. Be the example, the role model, the mentor. Show the personality traits you want your kids to have. If you show kids love, warmth, kindness, patience and empathy, you will get it in return.

Teach them to want not to need. Teaching love is to remind kids they don’t need to be attached to any material objects and to be grateful for what they have.

Discipline is love. It shows your child you care.

Show love by being honest. It’s okay to say I don’t know. Be honest, clear, simple and to the point.

Show loyalty through actions. Make sure to give daily hugs, kisses, pats on the shoulder, hold hands, etc. Show love to your spouse; let your kids know there is a lot of love in the family.

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