Scooter’s Pals in need of donations for pet medical care |

Scooter’s Pals in need of donations for pet medical care

Submitted by Susan Wallace
Foxie, a new special needs puppy who is blind, is in need of a loving home. The animal rescue nonprofit Scooter's Pals is in desperate need of donations, as they have depleted their veterinarian medical fund.
Submitted by Susan Wallace

Scooter’s Pals, a nonprofit devoted to caring for rescued pets and placing them in foster homes, has depleted their veterinarian medical care fund and is in desperate need of donations.

“I wish I knew how to predict when a dog we rescue that appears healthy and ready for adoption needs a surgery — or has an ear infection that must be treated and cannot wait for us to raise more funds,” said founder Susan Wallace. “But frankly most of the shelters don’t do a close enough examination of their animals to report what the dog is experiencing medically.”

No amount is too small to donated, added Wallace.

Scooter’s Pals is a Nevada County ‘last chance’ animal rescue organization that rescues dogs and some cats and places them in foster homes when available. For more information or to donate, visit

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