Robinson Enterprises helps Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley |

Robinson Enterprises helps Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley

Submitted by Elliott Bringman

Robinson Enterprises volunteered over a four-day period in February to help Western Gateway Park mitigate some of its fire danger on the park's western boundary. Headed up by Randy Hughes, the four-man team from Robinson's included Dan Dwyer, Jason Benso, and Hunter Lane. The team was joined by ground crew volunteers Amber Benso, Sarah Holt, Sheila Rich, Tori Kelly and Matt Franco. They worked to remove underbrush, dead vegetation and reduce the fire ladder.

With the help of Robinson Enterprises' heavy equipment, volunteers were able to clear far more area than what would have otherwise been accomplished by the park's regular maintenance and grounds staff.

"The fire abatement work has long been on the park's 'to-do' list, but without the extra manpower, our human resources don't easily allow the park to tackle big projects such as this," said Western Gateway Chairwoman Nancy Peirce. "The large scope of work Robinson's helped the park to complete will allow Western Gateway to maintain a fire-safe environment for many years to come."

Upon completion of the community project, the park's board of directors treated the crew to an old-fashioned barbecue. Western Gateway encourages other community organizations looking to complete service projects to reach out to the park office at to schedule a volunteer day for the 2018 season.

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