Roadblocks to True Happiness |

Roadblocks to True Happiness

Speaker, psychotherapist and author Diane Lang shares roadblocks that may be halting our happiness:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We get stuck in habits that are not good for us. If we don’t change the bad habits then how can we change the outcome?

Keeping up with the Jones. If you’re constantly trying to keep up with everyone around you, you can’t be happy. You will be too busy comparing yourself to others. If we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others, we will never measure up. We will always focus on our faults. Comparing yourself to others is setting yourself up for failure. You’re living up to others’ standards, not your own.

Limiting beliefs. A lot of us have that tape player in our head that keeps replaying the negative thoughts/beliefs such as: I can’t do this or I will never succeed, etc. If you continue to think this way, your beliefs will become a reality.

Expecting happiness 100 percent of the time. We need to be realistic. We will have bad days, circumstances that are negative, situations we can’t control. It’s OK to have bad days. We just need to remember it’s temporary.

Your biggest stressor is you. We are our own worst critic. Think about how you speak to yourself. We say some harsh things to ourselves.

We cause a lot of our unneeded stress due to our negative self-talk and our low self-worth. You need to love and accept yourself to be happy.

— Courtesy of Diane Lang Positive Living speaker and author.

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