Nisenan concert coming to Foothills Event Center |

Nisenan concert coming to Foothills Event Center

Submitted by Zach Bruce

The Sacramento Women’s choir, Vox Musica, will be collaborating with members of the Nisenan Native American Tribe of Nevada City Rancheria for a cultural concert at 7 p.m. on April 14 at the Foothills Event Center. The project seeks to preserve and support the history, tradition, and spirit of a strong group of indigenous Californians.

“NISENAN: A Cultural Music Project” is a rare opportunity to share and document the tribe’s rich tradition of culture and music. Vox Musica has transcribed into modern notation Nisenan tribal music, created a documentary of the cultural process and exchange, and has commissioned composers to create modern arrangements of their music. Contributors to this project include composer Raimonds Tiguls and documentarian Rob Fatal of F-Cinema Productions. The April 14 concert will be a culmination of this project. A second performance is scheduled for Sunday in Sacramento. Tickets are $20.

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