Nevada County’s 2018-2019 Fire Season Guide coming soon |

Nevada County’s 2018-2019 Fire Season Guide coming soon

Submitted by Anna Cox

The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County is asking, “Are you ready for the ‘new normal’ as it relates to the fire season in Nevada County?” The most obvious change is that the fire season has become much longer and more dangerous. Nevada County has one of the highest flammable grass crops in recent memory. The fire season now extends from April to mid-December. It appears that conditions are swinging between drought years and fewer years of normal rains. Winds, like the ones in December 2017, did significant damage and this can happen again. The 2018-2019 Fire Season Guide was inserted into Saturday’s edition of The Union. The Lake of the Pines News will publish the guide on July 3, and the Lake Wildwood Independent will deliver its copy on July 6.

The Lake Wildwood Homeowners Association is including their much-anticipated Road Evacuation Plan as a take-out insert in the 2018-2019 Fire Season Guide.

Residents are encouraged to read it, cover to cover. It includes information on codeRED, as well as checklists on what to do when told to evacuate. Waiting to read the guide when you see flames or smoke, is too late, say firefighters. Call the Firesafe Council of Nevada County to request a “Defensible Space Advisory Visit.” For more information on all programs and services provided by the council, visit or call the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County at 530-272-1122.

Source: Fire Safe Council of Nevada County

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