Marriages: June 25-29 |

Marriages: June 25-29

Submitted to The Union

June 25

Fingerson and McCammon: Kathryn Anne Fingerson and Daniel Ray McCammon.

Dowd and Tomlinson: Alison Ruth Dowd and Russell Lee Tomlinson.

Ju and Gonsalves: Miseon Ju and David John Gonsalves.

Turner and Ivy: Katherine Michaela Turner and Thomas Joseph Ivy.

June 26

Depersiis and Kavanagh: Vona Gianna Embree Depersiis and Desiree Joy Kavanagh.

Strika and Bell: Leah Rebecca Strika and Daren Corbett Bell.

June 27

Fickling and Baker: Kara Michelle Fickling and Ryan James Baker.

Liedstrand and Thomas: Krista Marie Liedstrand and Rakesh Thomas.

June 28

Graham and Granholm: Wendy Lee Graham and Robert Edward Granholm.

June 29

Easter and Cicogni: Allison Marie Easter and Andrew Cicogni.

Rutledge and Legard: Kimberly Dawn Rutledge and Geoffrey Lawrence Legard.

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