Love is in the music: Beaucoup Chapeaux Valentine’s Day music in Nevada City |

Love is in the music: Beaucoup Chapeaux Valentine’s Day music in Nevada City

Submitted by Maggie McKaig

Tonight will mark the 10th year that Euro cafe band Beaucoup Chapeaux has played Valentine's Day at the Nevada City Classic Cafe. In 2008, cafe owner Genevieve Crouzet came up with the idea of opening the otherwise daytime cafe one night a week, and offer a European-themed menu featuring tapas, wine, and live music. That was the inception of the "Tapas, Wine, and Music" series with Beaucoup Chapeaux, including Maggie McKaig on accordion, Luke Wilson on tenor guitar, Murray Campbell on violin and oboe and a more recent addition, Randy McKean on clarinet.

Beaucoup Chapeaux's repertoire includes traditional folk and Gypsy music from France, Italy, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, a bit of Celtic, and original compositions. With regular appearances in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and numerous other Nevada County venues the band has racked up nearly 700 performances.

Tonight's Valentine's Day event features the original cafe trio of McKaig, Wilson and Campbell. Reservations are required. The Nevada City Classic Cafe is located at 216 Broad Street in Nevada City. Music will be from 6 to 9:30 p.m. today. To make a reservation, call 530-265-9440. For more information, visit and Pictured above, the ensemble performs in the front of the cafe at an earlier event.

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