Health tips to keep your kids healthy this winter |

Health tips to keep your kids healthy this winter

Here are some ways to keep your kids safe, warm and healthy as the cold weather takes over this winter:

Keep in mind that while many parents use a cool mist humidifier during the winter to help kids with nosebleeds and dry skin, those higher humidity levels can also increase the levels of dust mites and mold in your home, which can trigger allergies in susceptible people.

Dress kids appropriately for the cold weather, typically adding one extra layer to whatever an adult would wear to be comfortable. Kids should wear several layers of loose-fitting, light, tightly woven clothing under a heavy jacket to keep them warm, plus mittens or gloves, a hat, scarf, and waterproof boots, especially if they are going to play in the snow.

Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home if you use a fireplace or other non-electric heating source.

Try to keep your kids physically active during the winter. Although it is often too cold for outdoor sports, unless you live in an area where you can play ice hockey or regularly go snowboarding, many kids stay active in the winter by taking up an indoor sport, such as basketball, indoor soccer, indoor flag football or volleyball, etc.

Kids do not need an antibiotic every time they have a runny nose, even if the discharge is green or yellow, as it can lead to the overuse of antibiotics, which aren’t needed for most runny noses, as they are often caused by colds and other viruses.

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