Fighting for a single payer health care system |

Fighting for a single payer health care system

Submitted by Leah Schwinn

On April 17, Tax Day, the members of the Nevada County Chapter of Health Care for All – CA participated in a statewide action in front of local post offices handed out information sheets citing key statistics regarding the Healthy California Act. According to economic analysis done by the Political Economy Research Institute in May of 2017, the people of California would save $37 billion each year by enacting Senate Bill 562. Through the bill, information provided by states that comprehensive health services would include in and outpatient medical care, dental, vision, prescription drugs, mental health, and much more. SB 562 has made it through the California State Senate and supporters are now hoping to move it through the Assembly. Organizers of the day's event said that millions of Californians, community organizations, businesses and labor unions are now calling for a single payer system of paying for universal health care.

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