New titles from local artists (and a few classics as well) |

New titles from local artists (and a few classics as well)

The following authors (and more) will appear at Odyssey Books’ fourth annual Local Authors Open House Sunday.

“What the Orangutan Told Alice” by Dale Smith. A delightful, illustrated novel for young readers and adults that tells the story of orangutans who are driven from their home in an Indonesian rain forest. Infused with environmentalism and science, this book sends a clear message to readers about respecting all life on earth.

“The Ice Child” by Andrea Heyser. In her captivating book, author Heyser has created a world that existed 27,000 years ago. Her story centers on a tribe of ancient peoples living in glacial ice caves who have trained wolves to help them survive and prosper in the forbidding landscape.

“The Town” by Sally Oty Krause. The life of a town called Sioux Crossing, N.D., is explored in this new book by local author Krause. The town is fading fast, houses are vacant and businesses are closing – can the town’s residents do anything to stop the decline?

“The Clockmaker of Mullen” by Jamison Escott, illustrations by Esther Escott. A touch of magic from this tale from the “old world,” a quaint little town with sad, worried people even the wise old clockmaker can’t help, until one night when the town clock doesn’t chime. A children’s story.

“Redwood Wisdom, Meditations for Daily Living” by Judith Hurley Prosser. Wise and gentle bits of wisdom inspired by nature, life and love. The verses contained in the book are unpretentious, thoughtful and profound.

“The StarSight Project” by S.P. Perone. An adventure full of political intrigue and suspense that involves an elite team of academic researchers who must stop a holiday terrorist attack using a newly developed artificial intelligence program. Full of page-turning action, and the pulse-pounding climax won’t disappoint.

“Coping in the Country” by Mike Drummond. Real-life country wit and wisdom from the popular The Union columnist. Topics such as floods, skunks, cats, food and home improvement provide fodder for some great little essays; this book is an excellent gift for out-of-towners. And compliments to Mr. Drummond – it’s the perfect bathroom book.

“Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing” by Dean Shrock. This volume of wisdom from Nevada County’s own Dr. Shrock shows people how to live a quality life and find the “joy and peace of mind” essential to wellness. Both healthy people and those facing an illness will benefit from the book.

“Sacred Geometry” by Bruce Rawles. Loaded with 230 graphic templates and even more design variations, this book is a fabulous resource for artists, craftsmen and anyone interested in the study of universal patterns. It can even be used as a coloring book for kids. Extensively researched and an excellent resource for creative exploration.

“Forgotten Faces” by Ronald William Horne. In this unique book, Horne offers “a window into our immigrant past” with a first-ever exploration of photo-ceramic memorial portraits from tombstones. Brimming with rare photographs and historical commentary, this book is captivating.


Compiled by Kim Carrow of Odyssey Books, 989 Sutton Way, Grass Valley. Hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays. The phone number is 477-2856.

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