New Home, New Community – Finding a New Pediatric Dentist |

New Home, New Community – Finding a New Pediatric Dentist

Many kids are afraid of going to the dentist. The drill, the white

lab coat — it’s enough to make even adults get nervous! That’s why there are pediatric dentists, who are dentists trained in both dentistry and child psychology. This dual education helps them know how to deal with and specifically treat children. And everything from their office design to their professional manner is geared to help

relieve a child’s anxieties.

Pediatric dentists undergo an additional two years of training after

dental school to help them deal with children’s emotional needs. The

additional training teaches them about the growth and development of children, the management of emergency situations, the care of chronically and acutely ill children, hospital dentistry, as well as the treatment of physically and mentally disabled patients.

They are able to recognize childhood dental problems and use treatments geared specifically for children. For example, pediatric dentists pay special attention to showing both parents and

children how to prevent the decay of young teeth. They use an array of new dentistry procedures that enable them to restore injured and decayed teeth. For example, if a tooth is lost prematurely, pediatric dentists use procedures that help the mouth maintain proper spacing and enable developing adult teeth to come in properly. They can also detect troublesome muscular habits and problems with the pattern and timing of tooth emergence, all which can prevent

the need for costly orthodontics.

And the best thing about pediatric dentists is that they make dental visits fun and relaxing for kids by:

– Filling their waiting rooms with kidfriendly furniture, interactive toys and giant sculptures of toothbrushes, dental floss, tubes of toothpaste, etc.

– Offering video games, televisions or videos for kids to watch or play

while sitting in the dental chair

– Using kid-friendly terminology when explaining dental procedures

– Hiring a staff who can relate to and loves being around kids

Your child’s first visit to the dental office should begin around his first

birthday. A pediatric dentist’s practice is usually limited to children from birth to 18 years of age, although many treat disabled children beyond that age.

For more information on family dental care, visit Courtyard Dental’s web site at

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