Nevada County Television to get new digs in Grass Valley |

Nevada County Television to get new digs in Grass Valley

Nevada County Television is on the move.

Executive Director Ramona Howard confirmed Wednesday the Nevada County Digital Media Center was in the final stages of signing a lease on a new facility in Grass Valley.

“We’ve been hunting down a new studio for months and months,” Howard said. “The biggest problem has been that we physically needed more space. We had 21 interns last year and we were literally on top of each other.”

The new facility will be 7,400 square feet and is located on Crown Point Circle.

“It will be a professional production facility,” Howard said. “It will have private editing bays, audio-recording bays — that’s big for us. We don’t have that here. It will have a much larger studio space, quadruple what we have now.”

Nevada County Television/Digital Media Center has been in Nevada City since June 2016, after moving to a shared facility in the Green Screen Institute at 104 New Mohawk Ave., the technology hub spearheaded by the Nevada County Economic Resource Council.

“The room we built, the studio, was a shared space with the ERC,” Howard said. “That made it hard to do production.”

Howard said NCTV has four months of tenant improvements ahead before it can move into its new space, likely by the end of November. The actual green screen inside that studio will remain behind, she said.

The media center is planning for a member barbecue in late September, to give people a sneak peek at the new space, Howard added.

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