Nevada County robbery, kidnapping suspects consider entering pleas |

Nevada County robbery, kidnapping suspects consider entering pleas

Layla Callahan

The judge in the robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment case of Layla Callahan has indicated the 24 year old wouldn’t face life in prison if she pleaded guilty or no contest to all her charges, prosecutors said Monday.

The Nevada County District Attorney’s Office has offered her codefendant, 26-year-old David Munoz, a five-year sentence if he admits to kidnapping. The other charges would be dismissed, Assistant District Attorney Chris Walsh said.

“That offer is contingent on his truthful testimony about the codefendant Callahan,” Walsh added.

Prosecutors have offered no plea deal to Callahan. It’s unknown what sentence she’d receive by pleading to her charges.

Both Callahan, who’s free on bond, and Munoz, who remains incarcerated, appeared Monday in Nevada County Superior Court. Both face accusations they held a former boyfriend’s of Callahan at a home over a drug debt.

Attorneys at the hearing discussed scheduling interviews with probation officers and obtaining evaluations. The case is next scheduled for court on Sept. 28.

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