Nevada County historian/author receives John Townley Award |

Nevada County historian/author receives John Townley Award

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Comstock Bonanza Press announces one of its authors again has been honored for his perceptive writing about gold mining history.

The Mining History Association recently named Nevada County author and historian Gage McKinney the recipient of the John Townley Award for his article, “Order L-208— Who Closed the Gold Mines in WWII? And Why?” The article appeared in the 2018 edition of The Mining History Journal, the association’s annual peer-reviewed scholarly publication.

The topic of the article, Order L-208, was a federal order enacted during World War II that halted the mining of gold in an effort to redirect efforts to the production of copper, steel and other strategic metals. These materials were necessary for the creation and operation of munitions and transportation, not just for the United States Armed Forces, but for those of Britain and the Soviet Union. Gold mining was the only such industry to be effectively shut down during the war.

McKinney’s extensive research found the author studying collections in the Searls and Foley libraries in Nevada City, as well as the National Archives in Washington, D.C., the Library of Congress, the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri, and the California State and Bancroft libraries. McKinney estimates the article took him about a year to complete.

The John Townley Award is named after the historian and author who helped create The Mining History Journal and served as its first editor.

McKinney’s award was presented last month during the Mining History Association’s annual conference in Marquette, Michigan.

Source: Comstock Bonanza Press

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