Nevada County Clerk/Recorder |

Nevada County Clerk/Recorder

Lorraine Jewett-Burdick

Occupation: Nevada County Clerk-Recorder

Age: 43

Residence: Cedar Ridge

Family: Husband Bruce, a dentist; plus Otto, a border collie, and four horses: two Arabian geldings, an Arabian mare and a paint mare.

Local Affiliations: Twin Cities Church, Nevada County Horsemen, Nevada County Partners in Education, Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council, and Nevada County Land Trust.

Professional Affiliations: California Association of Clerks and County Officials, County Recorders’ Association of California, The Election Center, a national professional organization for certified election/registration administrators.

Why are you running for Clerk-Recorder?

When I was elected in 1998, I promised to create a business-like, cost-effective and friendly Clerk-Recorder’s Office. I’ve delivered on that promise. We save $15,000 every election through partnerships with volunteer organizations such as law enforcement, firefighters and youth groups. Through accurate voter registration and precise ballot counting, we’ve helped ensure the “Florida fiasco” cannot happen in Nevada County. We’ve stationed a ballot counter in Truckee, which enables us to release election results early on election night. We’ve created a student poll worker program so our youth get a first-hand look at democracy. I love my job, so I’m running for re-election.

Why do you think voters should re-elect you to be Clerk-Recorder?

Voters can easily recognize the many improvements I’ve made over the past four years. In the Recorder’s Office, we’ve created a professional environment, restructured procedures and improved work flow systems. These new efficiencies have allowed us to reduce fees. We’ve eliminated outdated equipment – such as antiquated cameras that required hazardous chemicals – and implemented state-of-the-art scanning and computerized retrieval of document images. We now strictly follow state laws, reducing the chance of costly lawsuits that occurred previously. I’m always accessible to citizens. Anyone who has a question or concern is directed to talk to me personally.

Do you have work or educational experience that would help you on the job?

My experience includes four years of working leadership as County Clerk-Recorder. I don’t just show up – I work hard.

I draw on my education often, including a master’s degree in communications from McGill University in Montreal, which I earned with the help of a Rotary Club International Fellowship. Before that, I was most outstanding journalism graduate at California State University, Chico, and valedictorian at Colfax High School. I’ve also completed coursework through Auburn University leading to certification as an election/voter registration administrator. For staff training, I draw on my experience as a former high school teacher and community college adjunct professor.

you have any ideas for improving the Clerk-Recorder’s office?

Nevada County will soon have a rare opportunity to apply for federal and state grants to fund technological improvements in the Elections Office. I have already laid the groundwork to seize this opportunity when grants become available. It’s been more than a year since the election failures in Florida. Our nation is at a crucial point in election reform. I will ensure that Nevada County remains on the leading edge of efforts to modernize and improve election processes. I will see to it that voter registration and ballot counting in Nevada County meet the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.

Kevin J. Waggoner

Occupation: Property title recorder, Placer Title Co.

Age: 45

Residence: Cedar Ridge

Family: Sheila, wife of 21 years; Abrahm, 15, Elias, 12.

Why are you running for Clerk-Recorder?

As Nevada County’s elections supervisor, I was disappointed by the incumbent’s priorities. She hired a personal assistant for $40,000 a year plus benefits. She spent thousands on self-promoting web sites and newsletters. She raised the cost of conducting elections for our fire and school districts. She raised the cost of nine recorder’s services by an average of 22 percent, while lowering the cost of a fictitious business name by $4. Decades of experience have been lost because of her callous treatment of county personnel. Her campaign labels this efficiency. I call it wasteful, and I want it stopped.

Why do you think voters should elect you to be Clerk-Recorder?

First, I’ll put an end to excess spending while emphasizing efficiency. Second, I will make the Clerk-Recorder’s office user-friendly; citizens and businesses should not have to contend with increased fees and bureaucratic attitudes. Third, I guarantee that a major problem – that your representatives at the title companies haven’t received efficient and respectful service – will be corrected. Fourth, I have the computer expertise to continue modernizing election and recording procedures, for which the incumbent claims credit, but often resisted. Finally, I will protect your right to have your vote counted accurately.

Do you have work or educational experience that would help you on the job?

I have a master’s degree in government. I have a unique combination of managerial experience, technical skills and experience in both the public and private sector. I was Nevada County’s elections supervisor. I was ensuring the accuracy of elections before the incumbent took office. I supervised permanent staff, temporary staff and volunteers during elections. I was promoted four times in four years because of my background and experience. Now I review property title documents for a company that will be doing the first electronic title recording in California. I have the technical skills to maximize the benefits of modern technology.

Do you have any ideas for improving the Clerk-Recorders’ office?

Most of my ideas are simple, common sense reforms. The citizens in the military, in Truckee and elsewhere deserve expanded electronic services. Citizens should be able to vote, conduct business, and receive fair and friendly service whether they are located in town or in more remote areas. Young people deserve a program for voter education and registration in our high schools. Title companies should be accorded respect and responsive, professional service. The costs of election and recording procedures can definitely be reduced. Because I have the right mixture of background and motivation, I guarantee voters will see these reforms enacted.

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