Nevada County braces for thunderstorms |

Nevada County braces for thunderstorms

John Orona
Staff Writer
Dramatic skies and thunderstorms loom on the horizon to the east Tuesday afternoon in Nevada City. According to the National Weather Service, western Nevada County is about to see a dramatic drop in temperature along with forecasted thunderstorms early next week.
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Football season has kicked off, pumpkin spice lattes are selling and with thunderstorms expected next week, the first signs of fall have reached Nevada County.

Monday will bring a 20-degree dip in temperature from the weekend to a high of 64-degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Thunderstorms are possible Monday night with scattered showers continuing into Tuesday, delivering about half an inch of rain in total. Humidity is expected to climb as high as 80 percent.

From the National Weather Service – Sacramento.

“There’s a trough that’s going to carry some cooling and bring in moisture,” said Juli Ann Lingenberg of the National Weather Service.

Troughs are typically associated with moisture, lower pressure and “unsettled weather,” Lingenberg said.

“We’re in a bit of a transition between seasons,” she said. “As fall begins we’ll start to see more of this.”

Although the increased moisture is not unusual this time of the year, the abrupt temperature has the potential to catch some unprepared and potentially in danger.

“What makes this kind of unique is that we’re going to have a few hot days, then Monday chances of thunderstorms and some cooling before the warm weather will pick back up again in the middle of the week,” Lingenberg said. “With the trough bringing chances of thunderstorms, we just want everyone to be aware and to be safe.”

From the National Weather Service – Sacramento.

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