Nevada City Council invites solar projects for Old Airport |

Nevada City Council invites solar projects for Old Airport

John Orona
Staff Writer

The Nevada City Council will look Wednesday to approve a request for proposals that could bring a solar panel array to the Old Airport property.

The outcome of the request will determine the next steps for the Old Airport property, as the council decided at its last meeting to hold off on further direction for the space pending the proposals and further input from stakeholders.

During the meeting the council faced some criticism from people who live near the old airport, as well as from the city’s 100% Renewable Energy Committee, which felt excluded from the planning process and disagreed with the presented solar panel setup. Over the course of public workshops to design the master plan for the space, community members chose the solar panel project as the most important element to include, leading to the council’s decision to solidify those plans before moving forward.

The request for proposals will also look at sites outside of the Old Airport property as determined by a feasibility study for a joint project with El Dorado County. That joint project would include an aggregated solar panel in an effort to take advantage of economies of scale to meet the city’s goal to be powered 100% by renewable energy.

According to the committee, the energy from the project could be implemented through a community buy-in arrangement or to feed a new Community Choice Aggregation, as proposed by the Nevada Irrigation District. It also has the potential to be the beginnings of a micro-grid system that could eventually grow to incorporate other solar projects.

There is no timeline set for the requests for proposals to be submitted or for the next update to the Old Airport master plan.

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