Nancy Brost: Gas tax repeal |

Nancy Brost: Gas tax repeal

In a recent column in The Union, Thomas Elias calls the initiative to repeal the gas tax, a law passed last year by the super majority in Sacramento, misleading because the title doesn’t include the word “increase.”

Californians know this gas tax increase, the largest tax increase in California history, wouldn’t be necessary if existing gas tax money had been spent on road repair as intended. Conveniently not mentioned in his column the bill also increases our vehicle registration fees on average $100 per vehicle.

Prop. 6 will be on the ballot this November where voters will decide whether to repeal the 12 cents per gallon on gasoline, 20 cents on diesel fuel and the approximate $100 increase in vehicle registration fees.

In previous years gas tax revenue has been moved from the Gas Tax Fund to the General Fund where money was collected to repair roads but spent elsewhere. A tax of this sweeping magnitude should be passed by a vote of the people as Gov. Brown promised, but instead broke that promise.

Passing Prop. 6 sends a message to Sacramento to use the gas tax money strictly for roads instead of other pet projects.

Nancy Brost

Nevada City

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