Musician sends positive messages through music |

Musician sends positive messages through music

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If Tre Hardson’s phone conversations are indicative of his band’s performances, expect to hear lots of positive messages when he opens Wednesday’s Spearhead concert in Nevada City.

Last week, Hardson liberally sprinkled his sentences with phases like “spreading love,” “open minds” and “open hearts” in regard to the upcoming show,

“I feel like I’m divinely guided to spread positive words, music to help heal humanity in any shape or form that needs to, as well as have fun,” explained Hardson, who was with popular rappers The Pharcyde for 13 years until going solo in 2000. The Pharcyde is known for its funky, jazz-laden sound.

Playing music seriously since 1989, Hardson became committed to writing socially consciousness songs after his first year as a recording artist. That’s when Hardson realized his words would be “trapped forever” on tape and video.

“In the beginning, I was just happy to be playing music. Then one day, I got a taste of reality. See, you can influence people, so what are you going to do?,” Hardson reasoned. “You can use a knife to kill or you can use a knife to cut a birthday cake. I chose to cut a birthday cake. I wanted to put out what’s good.”

Hardson likes the position he is in: “I’m doing exactly what I want – making music, happy feel-good music, being happy every day, being healthy.”

His hip-hop soul originals are about what’s going on the world. “My intentions for the ‘Liberation’ CD bring forth some love, energy, healing energy, just feel-good energy,” said Hardson, who calls music beautiful and compares his “Libera-tion” songs to those by a late Beatle.

“The originals are no different from John Lennon,” Hardson said. “He made beautiful songs, speaking about things happening in the world. You have the power within you to be all you can be. It’s everything.”

Since “Liberation” was released last September, Hardson has left his Los Angeles home at least monthly to promote the CD throughout the United States and hopefully Europe in the near future.

“The record’s new. I’ll get on as many tours as possible. I’ll go wherever and perform whenever to get the word out and spread love,” Hardson said.

Hardson, 32, does what he espouses. “Say no to war, definitely say no, and find that true sense of who you are so you can shine. You have to walk your own walk,” Hardson said. “If we didn’t walk our own walk, we won’t have the light bulb. We won’t have the airplane, you know. We definitely have to not be influenced by things that we feel are greater than what we are, yet we’re all equal.”

And for Hardson, his “walk” is to continue singing, like he has for the last 14 years. Asked what keeps him going, Hardson answers with a laugh: “Rolling Stones. They’re still going after all these years. Just joking.”

Turning serious, he adds, “If it moves you, you just do it.”


WHAT: Tre Hardson1s Band, Michael Franti & Spearhead

WHEN: Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Tre Hardson1s band opens at about 8 p.m. and Spearhead appears at about 9:30 p.m.

WHERE: Miners Foundry Cultural Center, 325 Spring St., Nevada City

ADMISSION: $20 in advance and $23 on Wednesday. Advance tickets at Herb Shop Records, Harmony Books and BriarPatch.

INFORMATION: 583-2801 or 265-5040

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