Multi-band concert at St. Joseph’s Saturday |

Multi-band concert at St. Joseph’s Saturday

The Shreds are a powerful indie rock trio, consisting of band members Dylan Rodrigue, vocals and guitar; Blake Severn, vocals and bass; and Griffin Meyer, drums. states “Imagine a creative collision between the raw power and intensity of Nirvana, the beautiful melodic and lyrical sense of Elliott Smith, and the kick-ass guitar jams of Phish – all in the same song – and you have a sense of The Shreds.”

Them Hills is a band from Nevada City. The group is composed of singer/guitarist Dan Elkan, and bassist Thaddeus Stoenner. Dan and Thad played together in Northern California bands Pocket for Corduroy and Black Bear in the late 90s. The debut Them Hills full length album, Greener Grassing was recorded over a couple weeks in the winter of 2007 at Brighton Sound, Sacramento. Engineered by Dana Gumbiner (Golden Shoulders, Deathray) and produced by Zach Hill (Holy Smokes, Marnie Stern), the record was released during fall 2007. Process was released in 2009.

Dead Scott is a 2009 Jammies finalist from Sacramento. Dead Scott was formed in the spring of 2007 by Brett Chance (Chet Brance) and Ty Lyman (Ly Tyman). A few months later, in June, Sage Cummins (Cage Summins) joined the duo to create an elite triad of grindcore fused pop-punk, heavily influenced by bands like Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne. But after immersing themselves in the deep reaches of the Amazon Jungle for 23 days and stumbling upon Ryan Thalken (Thongee Falcon) in the midst of a deep shamanic trance, the boys ditched the grind-pop to take on the more psych-folk-indie-pop sounds of the rainforest. Thus, the Dead Scott sound was created … iCulture Chang!

Jeepster is a San Francisco energetic indie-pop band whose members previously were Pisces Knife and Furniture on Fire. The group’s first release was released in May 2009 on Distile Records out of France, a label that had put out recordings by O! the Joy, an earlier project that was based in Sacramento, with Marcelli on bass and Jeepster’s Justin Goings on drums. “We didn’t like the direction O! the Joy was taking,” Goings says. After ending O! the Joy, Goings and Marcelli moved to San Francisco, where they began jamming with Nevada City resident Jonah Wells, a singer. The three realized they were a fit, and Jeepster was born.

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