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Missing the gist of ‘SiCKO’

Bob Glassco’s letter in The Union on July 14, “Moore misses the mark with SiCKO,” was well written and raises some good points, but Glassco himself misses the mark with regard to the film’s gist. The point or conclusion of Michael Moore’s movie is not that we should help the medically uninsured as we do “charity cases”; or that it is dishonest to cheat multi-billion dollar HMOs; or the evil of having a government-run HMO and a despicable socialist health-care system, but rather how America treats its medically uninsured.

Being uninsured causes serious financial problems if serious illness occurs, which leads to massive debt, job loss, bankruptcy, even homelessness. The uninsured are sicker and die earlier than their insured counterparts. They tend to delay getting much needed treatment for their illnesses, which often develop into more expensive maladies. They seldom practice preventative care or have medical tests done before their conditions worsen. Among other things, they frequent the ER and often become hospitalized with otherwise avoidable stays.

The U.S. ranks 37th of all nations in health care. That speaks volumes for America’s current health-care system. Ironically, Iraqi prisoners of war get free medical treatment at Guantanamo, yet uninsured Americans in this country can’t.

See the movie.

David Briceno

Grass Valley

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