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Michael Taylor announces run for Nevada County Board of Supervisors

Submitted by Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor

I’m not a politician. I’m a licensed general building contractor with 40 years of experience in most facets of construction. In addition to my work as a contractor, I’m a private firefighter who is contracted to run dozers and excavators for Cal Fire.

I have a long-standing family history in Nevada County that dates back to the 1930s. I’m getting involved politically because the current economic and housing trajectory of Nevada County is not sustainable. I’m dedicated to creating affordable housing solutions that will increase home ownership opportunities in Nevada County. I’m also passionate about local agriculture, forestry and fire management.

As a private firefighter with logging experience, I have real-world insight into the fire safety management strategies Nevada County needs. As District 1 supervisor, I plan to create long-term, effective solutions that will address the issues facing farmers today and drive economic growth within Nevada County.

I believe that agriculture is the backbone of our community and we should not only protect it, but also further build upon all sectors of that industry. I also support small, cooperative cannabis cultivation in rural Nevada County and believe we should limit large, commercial grows. As supervisor, I’ll work on policy that will modify the non-remuneration program and make it possible for providers, medical patients and recreational users to grow cannabis cooperatively.

Additionally, I’ll bring fair and just oversight to the Code Compliance Division and ensure the county respects you and your property rights.

When elected as District 1 supervisor, I’ll be your advocate. I’m open-minded, independent thinking and fiscally conservative. As a Nevada County resident, I’m already committed to working on the 2019 County A, B and C list priorities (http://bit.ly/BoardObjectives). As District 1 supervisor, I’ll create sustainable, healthy growth in our community and bring common sense leadership to the board.

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