Meltdowners share joy, benefits that come with weight loss |

Meltdowners share joy, benefits that come with weight loss

Weight loss leads to purchase of red dress

The Meltdown has been an unforgettable experience for me. Not only did I lose 13 pounds with an ankle injury, I lowered my BMI from 34.6 to 29.1.

I’ve created a happier, healthier me, and I want to thank everyone involved. I gained a bit more than I lost, though, but in a good way. Friendships, motivation, support, a closer relationship with my Mom and self-confidence are among things I acquired.

– Sirci Kiter

P.S. For the first time in my life, I bought a red dress. It fits me nicely and it’s adorable with my blonde hair. Thank-you for the opportunities you have given me and everyone involved in the Meltdown. I had to tell you because I don’t think I ever would have dreamed of buying a red dress before the Meltdown.

Thanks to South Yubafor membership

I have been having such a tough time since my heart attack, trying to get this weight off.

Our team came in second place, and we chose the South Yuba Club certificate for three months of their fitness program. I am on a fixed income, and it will help me financially to continue my fitness program.

Words cannot describe what this Meltdown means to all of us. I think Tuesday night was absolutely thrilling, exciting and so much fun.

We all commend you and all the people who volunteered to help this Meltdown be so successful.

– Kira Perris

Awesome results from Meltdown

The first phase of the Nevada County Meltdown has been awesome! I thank my teammates, Boni Metcalf and Pat Sibley of “Inches Away.” Their support and encouragement made this a wonderful experience. We together were able to lose an amazing amount of weight, 58 pounds to be exact.

We have already started planning for the next phase. Losing weight can be so overwhelming when you do it alone. It’s been very positive to have so much support. Signed, a 36-pound loser,

– Cindy Smith

Improves balance,

joins Club Sierra

I am very appreciative of the guest membership at Club Sierra. Living out in Alta Sierra, the idea of driving into town to work out at a gym was beyond my comprehension. However, I wanted to give this free membership a try. Well, my balance has improved so much, even though I’ve only lost about 21Ú4 pounds, I am going to join the gym. When a person is in their 70s, balance is a most important consideration.

– Leal Portis

Enjoys the wild ride of the Meltdown

I lost 50 pounds in a year and an working on the remaining 40. I just had a surgery but joined the Meltdown to keep me on track even during recovery. I joined Meltdown with Mom, sister and two friends. Enjoy the wild ride!

– Mary Baron

Thanks to those who made it possible

Thanks to:

– Club Sierra for letting us exercise in the pool. It was fun losing weight with Sara, Judy, and Linda.

– The Courthouse gym for letting us use equipment and and the assistance of a personal trainer.

– Jazzercise for a fun way of exercising to music with a beat.

– Nevada Union High School for turning on the lights and letting us use the track.

My team lost close to 50 pounds in the seven weeks and had fun and met new friends who want to continue the life change.

Thanks to all who helped make it easy to start, and then easier to stay with.

– Dee Nelson

Able to ice skatewith her daughter

I’m not a dieter, but have carried about 30 pounds too much for the past several years. After joining South Yuba Club the day after the first meeting, I’ve gone just about every day since.

The other day I took my daughter ice skating and the most magical, wonderful thing happened – I could skate! I grew up on ice skates as a kid but as an adult I’ve only known the pain both during and after being on the ice.

We recently went (for our first time) to the top of Squaw to ice skate. It was glorious! I had both balance and strength like never before and no pain whatsoever. It made for a truly splendid experience.

– Shari Collum


Asthma improves, family loses 50 lbs.

The Meltdown made it possible for our family to lose close to 50 pounds so far. This summer I was admitted to the hospital. I had an illness they still cannot name and it took me down to the bottom. I could not do a thing. Friends and others and family helped my family and me with so much dinners, etc.

Now I am on the treadmill 30-75 minutes a day and weights for at least an hour. I live in my workout clothes, and last weekend I borrowed some snowshoes and went up a small mountain at Sugar Bowl.

I have always had asthma so this was unreal for me. What a feeling!! I have never won a trophy and that is what it felt like to me.

– Jo Nunnink

Captain leads

by example

Thanks for your help and support during the last two months. As captain, I tried to set a good example and was very happy going from 170 pounds to 159 pounds. My clothes are a lot more comfortable!!

– Rick Aeschliman

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